Here, reputation comes first. Ours and yours.

Some say social media is fleeting. Not The Marketing Shop’s way. Because our way is credible, consistent, and looks at the big picture—your passion, your goals, your ideal clients—and works to build a reputation, connections and results that will last.


Welcome! I’m Tracy Gibb.

I am the driving force behind The Marketing Shop. Through carefully crafted packages, My team and I help you make real, meaningful, valuable connections with your ideal clients. Since 2010, we’ve been a behind-the-scenes marketing team for many different companies (who are still very happy clients)—and through The Marketing Shop, we bring our expertise to select small businesses and ensure they see results.


When I was in college, I took a class about starting a business. The incredible professor made an impression: He said most businesses fail within a few years—not because they don’t have a good idea—but because they don’t know how to market. I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to do…to help people’s businesses succeed!

Deep roots:

The way I run my business is in my heritage. Growing up, my mother always used to tell my friends—“When you’re with us, your last name is Gibb.” She meant that my friends were part of the family. At The Marketing Shop, I say the same thing—“Your last name is Gibb.” You are part of the family. I care about your business like it’s my own. And I’d love to show you the difference that makes.

My job is so incredible because I help passionate people’s businesses succeed. I help their businesses take hold…and make new connections…which will serve them now and in the future. I help make dreams come true—and I couldn’t possibly appreciate my clients more.

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