We connect via shared values—with you and with them.

At The Marketing Shop, we believe the most powerful way to connect with potential clients is through shared values. What drives your business? What is the why that gets you out of bed every day? Our business is driven by strong values, and we work with clients who also have a value-based approach. We are guided by these values:

  • Accustom to raising the bar.  It’s not enough to be good.  We are focused on being better.  Building better programs.  Delivering better results.
  • Focused on specific outcomes.  We work with you to create your dreams outcomes and then we build your programs around you so you get custom results based on your individual goals.
  • Timeless admiration.  Social media can be fleeting but your messaging should stand the test of time.
  • Drive superior results. One loyal customer is better than any amount of fake customers…which is what many social media marketers provide you. We only do real. We don’t have time for fake…when it comes to client interactions, passion, heart and results—we are real.
  • Constant improvement. In this business, nothing is ever cookie cutter. We are invested in constant, ongoing improvement. We deliver good results—and this is based on the right combination of flexibility and testing (with plenty of determination).
  • Long-term commitment. We are looking for long-term relationships so we only engage with clients who we are confident we can help. Time is precious; we don’t want to waste yours or ours!
  • Balance. At The Marketing Shop, we love our work. But we don’t work at 3 AM. We don’t work on weekends. To bring our best selves, we need time for family, friends and fun! We find it rewarding to work with like-minded clients.
  • Respect for humans. Social media is amazing. But there’s more to success than clicks. We believe that data isn’t the only form of success that should be measured. We recognize and appreciate drive, dedication and compassion. We work with humans, we hire humans, and we value human clients.
  • A positive mindset. 80% of a successful business is your mindset. We are able to produce much stronger results for clients who share an empowered, positive mindset and approach each day poised for greatness.
  • Drive superior results.
  • Longstanding success.  We don’t want to just get the job done.  We will excel.  We never rest because their methods and business plan can always be better.
  • Dedicated to excellence. As our client, you are part of the family. This comes with a deep caring about your business. Our team is invested in your success—and if necessary, we will go many extra miles to achieve them.

Like our values? We’d love to hear about yours. Schedule a free consultation.