In 2019, The Marketing Shop worked with Synergy Professionals, an Atlanta Construction Recruiting Firm that matches construction managers with construction companies. Their target audience is both construction clients and construction candidates across the United States.

The Problem: Poor Website Rankings

Synergy Professionals was unhappy with their website rankings on Google. With clients and candidates spread across the country, they needed to increase their visibility within the search engine results and also differentiate themselves once they were found. Unlike their competitors’ job-matching database approach, Synergy Professionals takes a more personal approach, relying on their many years of experience and nationwide network to match candidates to the jobs that best fit them rather than sorting through resumes that have been submitted through a company website.

Our Approach: Back to Basics

Our task was straightforward, but not simple: Rank higher on Google search engine results. This is easier said than done given Google’s dominance as a search engine; the competition is always fierce. We decided to go back to basics by developing a strong keyword strategy that was based on solid research and promoting the company’s services and experience directly on the website through a blog.

Our keyword research followed a traditional, but extremely effective keyword optimization strategy.

  1. We examined the keywords that were being used on the Synergy Professionals website and compared how well they aligned with the keywords clients and candidates would type into their own search bars.
  2. We examined competitor sites and the broader industry to see what keywords they were using and ranking for.
  3. We developed a keyword optimization strategy that targeted those keywords.

Our solution was to incorporate the keywords that would boost Synergy Professional’s rankings the most into their website. This required us to revamp their website for faster page loading and a mobile-friendly design, and optimize it for those specific terms. We added fresh content in the form of search optimized blog posts to help boost visibility, share more information about Synergy’s Professional’s approach, and promote the company’s profile as a leader in their industry.

White Hat Marketing Strategies Pay Off

The results spoke for themselves. Right away, Synergy Professionals saw movement from somewhere on page ten to within the top three search engine results on page one of Google. Carefully curated and strategically placed keywords grabbed the attention of the search engine and worked in conjunction with  the site redesign, and new blog posts to help push Synergy Professionals up in the rankings. The team at Synergy Professionals was amazed that such seemingly small changes could have such an impact on their website keyword ranking.

That’s the power of a solid marketing strategy and white hat marketing. Start with a solid research foundation, incorporate that research into your digital platforms in a strategic manner, don’t be shy about promoting yourself and sharing your knowledge via a blog on your website, and, most importantly, keep it up!

White hat strategies like those that The Marketing Shop employed in the Synergy Professionals project, consistently deliver. If you are struggling to rank on search results pages and don’t know why, contact The Marketing Shop to discuss your options during a 30-minute consultation. We’d love to help you grow your business!

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