We know. You understand that self-care is important but when exactly are you supposed to find time to practice self-care? As a busy business owner there are many other things demanding your time and attention and your availability is limited even more if you’ve got a family to care for. We get it. Really.

That’s why we decided that a post that provides a few quick and easy self-care tips – one for every day of the week – would be a great way to ease you into your new self-care practice. These are very simple actions that you can take to show yourself a little love without investing a lot of time or money. With practice, they may even become second-nature.

Self-Care Techniques For Every Day of The Week

Although each technique is recommended for a specific day of the week, feel free to mix them up in a way that works best for you. After all, that’s what self-care is all about – finding what works for you.

Sunday: Recharge
Sundays use to be a day of rest. Now, it seems like they are used more often to prep for the coming week. Resist spending your entire day doing that (try to limit it to an hour in the evening) and instead take time to focus solely on yourself. What can you do that will help you recharge and get ready for the coming week? Indulge in a spa day. Read a good (non work-related!) book. See a movie. Go shopping. Volunteer. Take a road trip. Find something that will give you a mental break from work, then participate in it without guilt! Enjoy your day and don’t think about Monday.

Monday: Breathe
Did you know that many people tend to hold their breath when they’re tense, anxious, or stressed? Focused breathing is a tried and true therapy technique for people who suffer from anxiety disorders, helping to calm them down and focus their attention on their breath and not on the issue at hand. It’s a terrific technique to learn and one that can help you take a step back and clear your head when the day gets a little overwhelming (Hello, Mondays!). Take some time today to practice deep, focused breathing for a few minutes. Many fitness trackers have breathing exercises linked to them or you can find plenty of iOS and Android apps to help you get started.

Tuesday: Eat Smart
Make an effort to eat healthy today. Pack a lunch. Make healthier food selections. Drink more water and less coffee. Too many carbs can lead to energy slumps and too much fat saps energy because the body has to work so hard to digest them. Focus on wholesome foods that make you feel good. Learn how to meal plan and prep so you’re not tempted to make poor food choices when your stomach is growling at you.

Wednesday: Socialize
Surprise! Most people would expect Socializing to be on the Friday or Saturday To-Do list, but we put it on Wednesday to give you a little pick-me-up in the middle of the week. So many entrepreneurs work alone or rarely meet with clients and just don’t have those built-in human interactions that others take for granted. That means it’s up to you to create your own interactions. Meet a friend for lunch. Get out of the office and work in a coffee shop or library. Join a walking or running club or a different type of social group where you can spend some time with people face-to-face.

Thursday: Get Outside
As an entrepreneur you have full control over your schedule, including where and when you work. When you feel yourself starting to stress out or feel in need of a break, head outside. Sunlight, fresh air, and a non-climate controlled environment can clear your head and give you a much needed break. Your eyes will appreciate a break from computer screens and indoor lighting and your body will benefit from some natural movement. Can’t get outside during the day? Start or end your day with some time outdoors. Walk to a coffeeshop on your way to work or enjoy your morning Joe outside. Take your laptop outdoors to catch up on emails or run budget numbers.

Friday: Sleep
I don’t know about you, but I’m tired by the time Friday night rolls around! I’m not as interested in going out as I am in getting comfy and hitting the sheets. Friday night/Saturday morning is the perfect time to get some extra rest. Go to bed a half hour earlier or sleep in to give your brain a break. Try to build good sleep habits so you can maintain your momentum all week, boost your creativity, and keep making good decisions. Do you feel unfocused and sleepy at a certain time every day? It could be your natural circadian rhythm telling you to take a break. Take a 20 minute power nap. Close your eyes and meditate or try one of the other self-care techniques we’ve outlined here.

Saturday: Exercise
Exercise can be a scary word, but it’s vital to good mental and physical health. You don’t need to go train for a marathon or spend hundreds of dollars and time you don’t have on a gym membership or personal trainer. Work it into your day. Take a walk. Take 10-minute breaks every hour or two to do jumping jacks, squats, or push-ups. Keep a dumbbell nearby and do some strength training while you’re reading reports. Fitting exercise in via small chunks makes it more manageable and less intimidating for those who are new to it. Once you find something you like, try to make it into a habit. Soon, you’ll find yourself missing exercise on the days you skip it.

What do you think? Are these self-care techniques doable? What would you add to the list?

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