Over the last few years, influencer marketing and becoming a micro-celebrity in your niche have become more popular.  Every business is trying to jump on the trend and become the next big “thing” in their niche.  However, with the wake of this trend and the success that many are experiencing, it is becoming more difficult to find ways to stand out from the crowd.  Here are a few ways you can stand out and become the next micro-celebrity in your niche:

  • HARO (Help a Report Out) is a publicity service that was created several years ago on Facebook. It allows writers, bloggers, and journalists to post daily opportunities, allowing anyone to access them and respond.  It grew so quickly, that HARO had to leave Facebook and change the service to email based.  This service allows a business to “get noticed” by gaining press and other PR opportunities, by connecting with journalists from many medias.
  • Many believe that press releases are a thing of the past, however, many businesses still have great success with this service. It is about providing valuable content in your press release that will give you the results you seek.  Are you launching a new product or service?  Do you have some unique statistics or milestones you want to shout from the rooftop?  Maybe you have a company story or an upcoming event you want to share?  When done correctly, all of these make for a great press release.
  • It is important to foster relationships with writers. A great way to do so is by connecting with them on Twitter.  Make sure you interact with them often about a variety of subjects.  Share their tweets.  They will want to get to know you and what your about – giving you another avenue for great press!
  • Are there other influencers in your niche? Get to know them, and even arrange a time to interview them.  Write a blog article about this influencer, connect with them on social media, and stay connected.  When you connect and link with them, you will get to share with their followers as well – expanding your reach.
  • Another great way to bring those influencers into your fold and capitalize on their followers is by hiring them to write a few blog articles for you. Showcase them within your business, on your social media, and gain their followers as your own.
  • Create a website with a blog, e-mail list, and social media channels that are all working together to create a succinct brand image that draws people to you.  Your blog should have material that’s shareable as well as opportunities to sign up for your e-mail list embedded in the content.  Your e-mail list should encourage visits to your blog and social media.  Your social media should drive traffic to your blog and get people to sign up for your e-mail list.  Everything should be working together to create a powerful outcome.

Becoming an influencer or micro-celebrity in your niche is not something that will happen overnight, but by following these 5 ways above, you will be at the top of your niche in no time!  It will expand your reach and increase your potential customer base.

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