Creating a strong brand in order to build trust is a top predictor of a business’ success.  Branding done correctly will create strong emotions within your customers leading to trust and loyalty.

Branded quotes are a simple and elegant way to build your brand if you’re on a budget.

  1. Shared Values – Quotes are a powerful way to share your companies values and to align yourself with well-known influencers.  It’s a way to connect with your followers by showing them you share their values-this alignment of values creates an instant connection which is the first step toward trust.
  2. Recognition builds trust – Consistently sharing branded quotes gets your company logos and color in front of your target audience frequently.  The more they see your colors and logo the more they instinctively trust your company.
  3. Trust equals sales – Studies have shown that a person who has seen a logo six times or more automatically feels as if they can trust that company more than a logo they’ve never viewed before.  They will choose to buy from the company who’s logo they recognize even if they can’t remember where they’ve seen it before.
  4. Shareable on Social Media – Quote graphics are something that’s both powerful and safe for your followers to share.  It’s a way for them to convey their values in a non-controversial way.  I’ve found people love graphics and love to share them.  This gets your logo in front of more eyes which makes your business more recognizable which leads us back to trust and sales.

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