We are jumping into 2019 with an exploration of how to bring in more money and help your business thrive this year. First up is a look at the role our mindset plays in our success. The influence of mindset on success is well-documented across industries, occupations, ages, and demographics, but what is it?

In short, our mindset is our typical or habitual attitude or approach to being or taking action. Our mindset provides the framework for how we interpret and respond to situations. As business owner, you may be classified as having an “entrepreneurial mindset” or a “problem-solving mindset”. If you’re a generally positive person, you may have an “optimistic mindset”.

One thing I want to stress is that mindset isn’t fixed. It can adjust, adapt, and change over time as your experiences and the efforts you put forth influence your life.

As far as influencing business success goes, our mindset sets the foundation for everything. How we think and approach life will influence how we make decisions as business owners. This makes it vital to have a mindset that supports your business goals.

Establishing The Right Mindset

Getting into the right frame of mind is the first step in positioning yourself for business success. Here are some tips to get you there:

  1. Know Yourself. The first step in any success story is to really understand yourself. What is your true spiritual vision? What are your core business values and motivations? A deep understanding of yourself, your business needs, and motivations will help ensure that you are always taking actions that are in alignment with your true vision for the business. You have to know where you come from to get to where you want to go.
  2. Know Your Why. Why are you in business? Why does your business provide the products or services that it does? What is the connection to you personally? Why do you do what you do? What’s your motivation? Why are you seeking ways to grow or improve the business? For many entrepreneurs, it’s to increase their income, but that might not be your motivation or even your only motivation. Perhaps there’s a deeper reason behind why you do what you do. Own your own story and use it to propel your business forward.
  3. Set Yourself Apart. There’s a lot of competition out there, so you’ll need to establish what makes your business different. How do you stand out from the crowd and how can you tap into that? Will you try to outperform the competition to attract their customers away from them or will you try to access an untapped market and create increased demand? One approach emphasizes competition while the other rewards innovation and strategy. Why and how are you different? This is what make you irreplaceable.
  4. Understand Your Customer. Don’t forget the most basic of business tips: know your customer. Who are your customers as people? What are their needs, pain points, motivations, desires, and struggles? Understand what your customers need, then ask yourself what you can do to provide them with a solution. Therein lies your opportunity for growth and success.
  5. Create An Irresistible Offer. Even if you have an outstanding product that addresses all of your customers’ needs and desires, you’ve still got to get their attention. This is where special offers come in. Create an irresistible offer to lure new customers to your business. Once you’ve captured their interest, close the sale and cultivate a relationship with the customer to build goodwill and repeat business.

Business Success Requires Introspection And Action

The tips above represent a combination of introspection and practical actions. Since our mindset is shaped by our past experiences, this makes sense. It means our mindset, like our business success, isn’t set or static. It can change over time as our experiences change and shape us. Where you are right now is not necessarily where you’ll remain, all you have to do is be open to changing how you’ve always done things in the hopes of achieving something more.

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