Increasing sales is absolutely critical to the long-term success of a business and, as such, tips for making sales is the last in our series of posts on bringing more money into your business. By now, you’ve learned that mindset plays a starring role in business success and gained insights on how to source leads and warm them up. Now it’s time to close the deal and actually bring in more revenue!

Making The Sale

Making the sale is a big part of our JumpStart Your Revenue in 90 Days program. We really dig deep to get into the details of how to close sales and boost revenues. Here’s a peek at some of concepts and ideas we use to help entrepreneurs make those critical sales.

  1. Hide Your Desperation. People are wary of those who come off as desperate. When your desperation comes through on a sales call or face-to-face, it can set off alarm bells in the prospect’s mind, “Is this too good to be true?”, “What if they’re just saying what I want to hear because they are desperate for my business?” Desperation creates doubt and is the single biggest turn off in any relationship (business or personal!), so hide it! No matter how desperate you are for this sale, put on your most confident persona and focus on what you can do for the prospect, not how badly you need this sale.
  2. Focus on the Person. Remember when I said business success is all about building relationships? Well, it’s time to reiterate that. I cannot stress enough the need to build those relationships! The very first thing you need to do to close the sale is get to know the potential client. Don’t even try to sell to them right away. Instead, think of yourself as a doctor who is trying to find out what is wrong with them and then prescribe (i.e. sell) what would work to fix their problem.
  3. Discuss and Reflect. Related to #2 above is discussion and reflection. This is your time to really get to know the prospect’s pain points and struggles but it’s also a time to reflect what you are hearing back to them. This ensures you are both on the same page and helps the prospect understand what their true struggle is and exactly how much it’s holding them back or hurting them. Listen to them, digest what they are saying, confirm their problem or issue and move on to Tip #4 below.
  4. Make an Offer. Yes, you get to make the offer here! Offer your help but don’t offer any product unless they ask for it first. There are quite a few strategies that will get prospects to ask for more details or ask about certain programs, which we cover in the JumpStart Program.
  5. Track all Metrics. Successful sales techniques don’t stop when the money is in the bank and shouldn’t start and stop with each customer. When you make a sale, track all of your metrics. How did you first get the lead? What did you do to nurture that lead? How much and what kinds of contact did you have with the lead? What was the ultimate sale and how long did it take? Creating a “paper trail” of sorts for each client or group of clients will save you time down the road when you look back to see what strategies worked and which ones didn’t.

JumpStart Your Business Today With Help From The Marketing Shop

Making the sale is the final destination of what can at times feel like a long and winding road. There’s a lot of groundwork to be laid before sales happen and it’s easy for entrepreneurs to get discouraged or lose traction along the way. Helping entrepreneurs stay on track and get over these humps is part of what our Jumpstart Your Revenue in 90 Days program is all about.

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll meet other business owners who are in similar situations to your own, develop skills and techniques to improve your sales funnel, and create a strong foundation for sustained business success.

I invite you to learn more about our JumpStart program and The Marketing Shop by contacting us online, clicking on the link above, or exploring our website. Even if JumpStart isn’t right for you at this time, we offer several other services that can help you build your brand, boost your business, and bring in the revenue!

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