Startups and small businesses often struggle with how to deploy winning advertising and public relations campaigns, but The Marketing Shop ( is committed to changing that reality. The agency is launching a Marketing and PR Calendar to help overextended business owners map out an effective 12-month strategy for meeting all marketing and communications goals.

“Planning is truly the key to success.”

“Planning is truly the key to success,” says Tracy Gibb, founder of The Marketing Shop. “With our new calendar, businesses can discover when and how to roll out various parts of their campaign. We see this as a teaching tool for SMBs and entrepreneurs who value knowledge and cutting-edge insight but haven’t yet achieved the profits necessary to afford outsourced experts.”

The Marketing and PR Calendar is a powerful, high-quality resource that’s the equivalent of having an agency guru on the team. And, The Marketing Shop is providing this resource at a tremendously affordable price. The agency understands that reaching the right audience is one of the greatest perennial challenges in starting and sustaining an enterprise. At the same time, new ventures often don’t have the resources to bring an agency into the fold. Therefore, marketing and PR become a DIY project, or they’re neglected entirely. Both options are suboptimal.

“I created this calendar with the small business owner in mind.  It helps to educate business owners on what plans they need to implement and how.”

“When I was in college, I remember one of my professors told me that most businesses will fail, not because they don’t have good products or services, but because they don’t market properly,” adds Gibb. “Therefore, I created this calendar with the small business owner in mind. I wanted to offer a lower-cost, practical product that anyone could afford. The Marketing and PR Calendar is the result of that effort. The calendar helps to educate business owners on what plans they need to implement and how. Equally importantly, it provides a straightforward way to keep all this valuable knowledge organized.”

Naturally, many business owners will ultimately want to outsource some of the plans and projects described in the Marketing and PR Calendar, especially once their operation begins to pick up steam. To that end, The Marketing Shop is a provider of all the services outlined in its calendar. These services have already proven to be highly effective across several industries.

The Marketing Shop can help businesses with high-level objectives such as building a comprehensive strategy or developing the right mindset for success. On the practical side, the agency offers tactics for generating positive publicity through a variety of dynamic channels. The Marketing Shop is likewise experienced in all facets of content strategy, from homepages and landing pages to email marketing and press releases.

This fall, Gibb and her team at The Marketing Shop are hosting a planning day for business owners interested in brainstorming with advertising and PR experts. Together with professionals in every aspect of business marketing, owners will put together a tailored marketing and PR calendar for 2019. On hand will be worksheets and planning guides to steer everyone in the right direction.

“It’s amazing what a day out of the office can do for your creativity and productivity,” says Gibb, “and that’s why we’re encouraging everyone to join us for our first fall planning day.”

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