When you hear the word marketing, what do you think of?  You may think of print advertising or your website, or you might think about the amount of money you spend on your marketing.  While marketing will bring different visions to each company, one thing remains true with every business – you must have a marketing strategy, to get the most bang for your buck!

It is true that there is a small amount of intuition needed when it comes to a successful marketing plan, however, just as every other aspect of your business, you must define your marketing goals to achieve them.  Part of that marketing strategy should be outlining your goals and plan for the coming year.

Why should you plan your marketing strategy for the year?  Simple, it will give you insight into the methods you should use, the amount of money you should use, and will help you decide which products and services should be positioned in your marketing.  Here are just a few tips on planning your marketing strategy:

  • It is important that you clearly define your selling proposition. This will help to define and persuade your target audience into becoming customers of your business.
  • It is critical that you have a budget in place before beginning to lay out your marketing plan. You will need this information to make determinations on where to spend money, how much to spend, tactics to try, and more.
  • Lay out your entire marketing plan on a calendar. This will allow you to visually see where the plan will go.  It is important to review the calendar at least quarterly.  This will allow you to make adjustments as needed.
  • Define what types of marketing you will focus on. Will it be completely online marketing, or will you use some community or public relations, print advertising, or some hybrid of each?

Developing a marketing strategy for the coming year is a sound plan and investment in your company and its resources.  Just as other areas of your business, your marketing needs attention and planning to succeed!

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